At K Chiropractic we offer both clinical and relaxation massage. Our massage therapist attended Massage School, here in Lubbock, TX. Heather Graue is here full-time; to perform several massage modalities; including Combination, Swedish, Prenatal, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue. Our massage therapist will review your paperwork and discuss with you which option is best for your situation. Her extensive education on anatomy and associated pain will help you to understand which areas are causing your discomfort, and treat them accordingly. Many patients receive massages bi-weekly, or monthly for maintenance. Massage and Chiropractic treatment work really well together and are a great medicine-free option for most musculoskeletal conditions.

  • Each massage is offered for 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes, or 120 Minutes.

  • 30 Minute massages are problem-focused 

  • 60 Minute and longer massages are full body unless otherwise specified.

We also offer a 10-minute trigger point session in which techniques are performed on areas of tightness to release tension. 

 Trigger points are often performed before an adjustment to relax the muscles to get the most movement out of the adjustment.

  • Same-day cancellation will result in a  $40 fee. Same-day rescheduling will result in a  $25 fee. This only applies to massage appointments. This excludes family emergencies and illness. 

  • We highly recommend receiving your massage before your adjustment for better movement

Massage Therapy


30 min...$34

60 min...$65

90 min...$98


30 min...$40

60 min...$75

90 min...$112

Deep Tissue

30 min...$45

60 min...$85

90 min...$114

  If you are a new patient and only want to receive massage services, the intake paperwork is linked to our logo below. 

More Details

Our Swedish massage is intended for relaxation, only light pressure is used. If you are sensitive to pressure or pain or have a condition such as fibromyalgia, a Swedish massage would be ideal for you.

Our combination massage is our most popular, the massage therapist will work to release and break up knots or tension you may have, while still incorporating relaxation. This is a good option to help alleviate that pain and relax before your adjustment.

A deep tissue massage is  intense pressure in which the massage therapist will work the entire time to relieve knots or tightness in your in throughout your body. 

Prenatal massages are supplemented with pillows and cushions for comfort. Our therapist will safely massage the pains and strains of pregnancy away. You must be past your first trimester.

 Hot stone massages must be scheduled no earlier than 9:45 am, due to the heat-up time of our stones. Heather will massage the body with massage cream and hot stones for maximum relaxation and improved blood flow. 

Reflexology is a foot-focused massage, in which pressure is placed in particular pressure points on the feet that correlate to different parts of the body. Anyone can benefit from reflexology, especially when received for monthly massage maintenance. 

Add Ons

 ​Aromatherapy $10

 CBD cream $15